Patriotic 3D Glasses: Red & Blue Lenses w/the White Frames

Presidents aren’t even a good idea. The idea of a president - one single person who sits atop a 320 million person pyramid - is just ridiculous. Especially when you take into account the way the person makes their way to the top. It’s outrageous. It’s ludicrous.

I’m no historian. I’m no expert or political analyst. I don’t know all that much about American history or politics. I certainly don’t know enough to have an intelligent, well-informed conversation with an expert. But I do know enough to give your average dimwit a run for his money, and that’s gotta count for something. That being said, if you track the evolution of America from birth, it seems pretty obvious how we ended up in this sticky mess of a situation we’re in. What’s not so obvious though, is how the fuck we should go about undoing it. Repairing it. Improving it. Redesigning it. 

Dont get me wrong, I wouldn’t wanna live anywhere else. I’m eternally grateful that this is the patch of dirt I just happened to have been shat out on. I think a common thing that people seem to forget or overlook is that you can be grateful for, pleased with, happy about aspects of something while still able to acknowledge the shortcomings. Still hoping for an improvement. Still open to discussion on how to minimize the bad and maximize the good. That’s even in the Bill of Rights or the Declaration of Independence or some shit (again, I’m no expert). Striving for a “more perfect union.”   

There’s always room for improvement. And while I wouldn’t wanna live anywhere else in the world, and to look at how far people have come in this country in such short a time as what? 250 years? It’s amazing. It’s astounding. It’s fucking breathtaking. But there’s a reason them 3D glasses got one red lense and one blue. That red one, that’s your rose colored view. That’s your optimistic side. The blue is the bleak. Some people spend all their time squinting their right eye and peeking through that rose colored perspective. Other people close that Lisa Left-Eye Lopez and choose to only look through the bleaky blue. I’m trying to keep both eyes open. Look through both lenses at the same time. And I’m trying to encourage you to do the same.   

So strap on your 3D glasses of American patriotism with red and blue lenses and white frames. It’s a beautiful time and it’s a beautiful place. But there’s a lot that could be changed, improved, reconfigured. First we’ve gotta learn to be honest with ourselves about what the fuck is really going on - the good and the bad. Then we gotta all get on the same page. And then we gotta learn how to fucking TALK TO EACH OTHER! 

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