Who Invented the Recliner?

When was the recliner invented? Who was the first person that said “you know what, I think I’d like this chair better if it could lean back and had a built-in foot rest!” People probably thought he was crazy. Look at him now. I’d like to meet and chat with an ancestor of the inventor of the recliner. The heir to the laid-back throne. What kind of patriarchal figure would the inventor of the recliner be? Someone so revolutionary yet so... laid back. I wanna get a taste of that bloodline! 

No living room is complete without a recliner. Some couples have matching recliners. That was actually my grandma’s dream. At the time of her death, the family had been trying to get enough money together to fix their roof because it was in desperate need of being completely redone. It came out after she died that she had around $5,000 socked away but just didn’t want to spend that on a roof because her plan was to get matching Lazy Boy recliners and a big screen tv for her and my grandpa. Meanwhile, I shit you not, whenever it rained they had to put at least 4 buckets in various places around the house and dump them every few hours. When I found out, I was definitely not happy... but how long can you stay mad at a dead lady? Once the anger subsided, I just couldn’t get over the ridiculousness of it. I’d just picture my grandparents - sitting side-by-side in their Lazy Boys watching Jeopardy! on their big screen while all around them their house looks like a scene out of Jumanji (the first one). 

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