Evolution in the Form of Music w/ A Tangent About Grammar Nazis

Watching the rapid metamorphosis and evolution of music is kind of like witnessing a microcosm for evolution of culture as a whole, or life as a whole, for that matter. It’s kind of really fucking intense to think about. 

It’s funny I got basically 100% in college English but the one thing the bitch constantly hounded me for was “never start a sentence with the word ‘it’.” Because, for whatever reason, “it” is pretty much my favorite word to start any sentence with. Guess that makes me an uneducated midwestern hillbilly fuck. Also, that reminds me. I watched Christina P’s most recent stand-up special the other day and it was super hilarious. But she had this little bit in there about how she can’t stand when someone says “me and so-and-so” instead of “so-and-so and I.” She was like, y’know, “how stupid can you be?!” Or something to that effect. And, I don’t know. I really just in general have a hard time understanding why people get so hung up on grammar and shit anyways. Like, c’mon y’all! It’s all just fucking made-up noises anyways. As long as you understand the message they’re conveying, who gives a fucking fuck?! But also, the “me and” format is my go-to almost 100% of the time. I know the “right” way to say it, I just don’t give a fuck and my way feels more natural. 

Anyways... music. Watching how much and how quickly music has evolved just in the last few decades is enough to overwhelm a person. A genre is spawned, from that genre multiple genres are spawned, and from each of those genres multiple genres are spawned, and so on, and so on. If you just start in like 1950 and work your way to today, the sheer volume (no pun intended) of musical evolution, metamorphosis, diversity, over-saturation is just astounding, absurd, breathtaking, overwhelming. It’s truly a beautiful little glimpse at evolution, proliferation, expansion, nature. 

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