Never Underestimate the Power of a Smartphone

Smart phones have completely changed everything. We can do virtually anything we want to do. We have access to anything we could ever want access to. Right in our fucking palms. It's almost impossible to even wrap your head around. The fact that 10 years ago this was just a thing that was only beginning to be birthed. The fact that 10 years before that, cellphones themselves were just starting to become kind of a ubiquitous thing. Now your phone is your calculator, gps, encyclopedia. Your connection to the entire world. Your source of all types of entertainment (music, movies, tv, porn, etc., etc., etc.).It's your video game console, fitness tracker, your fucking newspaper!

You can create all types of art on your phone. You can run an entire business from your phone. You can order anything you want from anywhere you want, to be delivered wherever you want. You can trade stocks. You can find a date, find a fuck, find love. 

These things are so unfathomably powerful. 

It' s just fucking mind-obliterating to try to think about the endless possibilities we have literally in our palms. That in and of itself is fucking earth shattering information. Then figure in the fact that 20 years ago this was all completely science fiction! 

The most important things to remember though are the things that can help to propel you forward, advance your life and your understanding and your growth as a human being. You can learn whatever you want about whatever you want. You can create any form of art - all with mostly free and very cheap apps. You can start any kind of business and run it from anywhere. All you need is the skill, the motivation, and the perseverance. 

jake chrismanComment