What is the Origin of Mobsters Rolling Bodies Up In Rugs?

I wonder who was the first mobster to roll a dead body up in a rug. What a revolutionary decision! Maybe it wasn't just one guy, but a whole group of mobsters. A committee! They tried various options - trial and error - and eventually came to the conclusion that a rug is the most efficient method of bodily disposal. I wonder how many other options they went through before reaching that conclusion. I wonder if it was even a unanimous decision - everyone involved was completely on board with the roll-up rug method. Maybe there was a handful of guys who were deadset on a different method. Maybe those guys ended up rolled up in rugs...

I'd be willing to bet whichever mob started it actually owned or otherwise had control over a rug a rug store. So it kind of just came about naturally for the sake of convenience and over time just became the way to do it. 

"Well, this is the way my godfather did it before me. And the way his godfather did it before him. It's a family tradition! We snuff somebody, we roll'em up in a rug!"

Y'know, mobsters are all about family. And family is all about tradition. 

Focusing on that though, I'm neglecting all the other creative ways in which mobsters have chosen to dispose of people over the years. That's probably not even the most popular way. Possibly not even in the top-ten preferred ways! 

I'd like to see one of those "top-ten" clickbait slideshows about the top-ten mobster-preferred body-disposal methods.

Hell, the rug thing could even be an urban legend. A myth. An inaccurate stereotype. An offensive stereotype! 

"Y'know, that's not even true... we don't even do that... and frankly, on behalf of mobsters everywhere... I'm offended!"

Or maybe it's just something that one particular henchman (or group of henchmen) did one particular time and actually became a real clusterfuck, leading to dozens of henchmen being busted and locked up. So the story just kind of entered the zeitgeist and has been bastardized over time. 

After all, Richard Gere fucked a gerbil one time and now it's basically all he's known for!

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