So Much Progress, Such Little Time

Concerts used to be the only way people could hear music. It’s crazy how things evolve. There was a time, not all that long ago, when the only way you could enjoy any form of entertainment was to go to a theater and watch it live. Everything - music, acting, comedy. Movie theaters came along. Records came along. Television came along. At-home videogaming came along. Videogames used to be these giant things. The only way you could play them was to go to a storefront full of these giant machines with a pocket full of quarters. Before arcades I guess the only option was to play kick the can or wait for a carnival to roll through town once a year so you could enjoy a nice beanbag toss. Now we’ve got virtual reality headsets. A database in our pockets of virtually every song ever recorded, every book ever written, every movie ever filmed. 

This is all within the last 100 years or so. Not only that, but in that time automobiles have become a ubiquitous, common, standard thing. They called those motherfuckers horseless carriages or some shit. Henry Ford was mocked and ridiculed and treated like a loon. People scoffed at his crazy idea for an internal combustion engine. Now every family has at least one car. You can drive from Missouri to California in less than 24 hours. A fucking fairytale for the people that made that perilous trek during the gold rush. 

Shit, airplanes for that matter... when did the Wright brothers make their first successful flight? Around 100 years ago, right? Now, if I’ve got my facts right, there are about 10,000 planes in the sky at any given moment!  

All of this, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to innovation of the recent past. The amount of progress and advancement made in such a short amount of time is truly fucking absurd and I don’t think we really give it the attention or appreciation it deserves.  

jake chrisman1 Comment