A Straight Guy’s Thoughts on LGBT

I have a hard time understanding the LGBT thing. I know that at this point there are even more letters, and honestly I don’t know what they are. I also know it’s an easy, hacky punchline to add in a dozen extra letters. I’m not doing that though. And I’m also not coming from a place of intolerance or hatred, just to be clear. I’m just not sure if I understand why the T goes there. That’s not to say I don’t accept any of them... hell, it’s not even my place to accept or not accept. I just think this method of categorization is a little squirrelly. Lesbian Gay Bisexual. That should be the end of it right? And then Trans is it’s own other thing. I don’t know if it’s just a strength in numbers type of thing. All non-traditionally sexed people sticking together. All grouping together for the purpose of fighting for equality. If that’s the case, I get it. No need for further explanation. But if that’s not the case, I just don’t see how Trans is the same as Lesbian Gay Bisexual. 

LGB is literally just a contrast between which genitals you have and which you’d prefer your partner to have. Whereas T is born with one kind of genital and switching to the other. Again. To reiterate. I fully support any and all members of the not-straight, non-typical community... I 100% support every single human’s right to be their true authentic self and not be discriminated against for it. I’m just saying there’s a huge difference between sucking dicks and having your dick replaced with a pussy. And it seems odd to lump those into the same category.  

It’s like the people trying to cram an A into STEM. STEM being Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. There is a whole sub-sect of people calling it STEAM - the A being for Art. Just because I dont think the A belongs there doesn’t mean I don’t want Art around. I love art. All types of art. Hell, I make all types of art! I’m not anti-trans any more than I’m anti-art. I just simply think these things are possibly mis-categorized.  

I mean, I guess because if you’re Trans, you’re automatically Gay on some level. But all squares are rectangles and all rectangles ain’t squares. That’s kind of the same thing, no? Some would say I’m not even allowed to talk about these things, because I’m not LGBT. Some would even call my words discrimination or hate speech. Simply for asking questions. For trying to sort out my thoughts on the subject. Even though I have very clearly pointed out multiple times that I completely and wholeheartedly support all gay, bi, trans, etc., causes! I can’t wait to live in a world where none of this shit even matters. Where we never even have to fucking worry about what other people are doing with their own genitals.  

I know that the community in question, the entire community in question, is subject to a great deal of hate and discrimination and the center of a lot of stigma. And i would never want to add to that. I just don’t understand how the categorization work and I don’t think raising that question should be seen as taking away from the cause in any way.

Conversion therapy is actually a thing. I have no idea how it’s supposed to work or what exactly is done, but I do know it’s got to be traumatizing as fuck for the people who are forced to go through it.  

I’d imagine there are two different groups of people that go through it. There’s the gay kids who’s parents (or is it whose?) are forcing them to go through it because they think their child is broken. Then there’s the people who put themselves through it because they themselves think they are broken. 

I’m not sure which of these is the more tragic circumstance. The child who can’t just be his or herself and is literally being forced to go through this traumatic, suppressive thing simply because their daddy “ain’t raisin’ no homo!” Or the fully-grown adult who has been so deeply broken so as to think that if they just go through with this then they’ll be “normal” and can start to learn how to be happy.  

I do wonder how many terribly depressed people are depressed solely because they are some level of gay and have been suppressing and repressing it their entire lives.  

Suppression and repression leads to depression. Just be who you are and be unapologetic about it. 

”Easy for you to say, you’re a straight white dude!” 

You’re right. Seriously. Not only that, but as a child nobody had any real expectations of me. Which comes with its own set of downfalls and setbacks. But I at least had room to figure out who I was. I had the space to be myself and navigate the world pretty freely and openly.  

I couldn’t imagine being at the mercy of some powerful, overbearing, intolerant, hateful, prejudiced father. That on it’s own would be pretty fucking miserable. Then throw in the fact that you could never even admit to something as seemingly arbitrary as which kind of genitals you prefer - for fear of all sorts of mental, emotional, physical abuse. My heart goes out to all those struggling just to be who they are.  

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