Music as a Metaphor for Evolution & Natural Selection

I’ve talked before about the evolution of music. It’s something that truly does blow my mind. I’d be interested to figure out exactly how many genres of music there are. Not only that, but how frequently a new genre is invented. The amount of genres has got to be in the hundreds, maybe even thousands. And the rate at which new genres are invented must be something that exponentially increases. 

Take heavy metal for instance.  That’s a genre that was invented in the late 60s. It was a sub genre of rock. Now, 50 years later, there are dozens of sub genres of heavy metal. There are sub genres of heavy metal that have sub genres.  

Take rap music for that matter. I’d be willing to bet there are at least five new sub genres of rap that are created every single year. Since it’s inception.

Every sub genre spawns new sub genres.  If you take musical genres and chart them, it will look exactly like a family tree or some kind of evolution chart. Because it literally is evolution. Just not biological evolution. Music is the perfect metaphor for the evolution of species. Any smart biology teacher should be using Music as a way to explain evolution and natural selection to their students. Genres evolve and adapt overtime, spawning new types of genres who spawn new types of genres.  Genres splinter and grow apart. They diverge and converge.  

If I were more educated I’d have more words to help me convey my thoughts on this subject. But I don’t, so this is all you get. 

jake chrismanComment