The Never Ending Search For Extraterrestrial Life

Aliens. Extraterrestrials. Sentient beings from some other celestial body. I don’t even like the question of whether or not aliens exist. I think the answer is an obvious yes. I think there’s an infinite variety of life. All different shapes, types, and sizes. Both imaginable and unimaginable. Foreseeable and unfathomable. 

It seems asinine to assume anything less than that. It also seems like the exact logical thing to think. It’s human nature, I guess. More or less. If you really think about it. Try to take a macro view of things. A big picture approach. Throughout history, over time, the world you live in is so small. So tiny. Your knowledge of the world grows, and thus so does the world. A small, undisturbed tribe knows not of the world outside of their tribe or the areas they frequent. Medieval Europe knows not of the Aztecs. When the Spanish first landed in America, they were merely predecessors to astronauts landing on alien soil, confronting the seemingly extraterrestrial natives. 

A few hundred years later, we started sending rockets to space. The more you know about the world, the bigger your world becomes. Your worldview shifts and expands. Soon enough, the term itself - worldview - will be nullified. It will die out and be replaced by some other, more accurate description of the way we view our surroundings. “Cosmicview” or something.  

At some point in the seemingly not-so-distant future, we’ll be sending that era’s iteration of Columbus our to foreign lands via (space) ships. They’ll encounter “natives” in strange new places. The world will expand a little more. Maybe the term “worldview” will stick around. What will change will simply be our definition of what a world is. 

Our worldview will expand.  

Our understanding of the world will continue to grow and evolve over time to mean our inhabited areas. Right now, our “world” consists of seven continents surrounded by vast oceans. That definition will merely expand. 

Seven planets with vast space in between.  

Seven solar systems with vast space in between.  

Expanding. Growing. Changing. Evolving. We’ll find out that actually the universe is teeming with life. Not only that, but there are people everywhere. Throughout human history, explorers have landed in new places only to find that there are already people there. Who’s to say that will ever stop happening once the exploration really shifts to places outside of this tiny rock... 

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