The Human Race is Splintering Into Several Separate Subspecies

I would imagine our fingernails used to have some real, actual utility. Some important function. I would also imagine they used to be a hell of a lot stronger and look a hell of a lot different.

I wonder how long it will take, evolutionarily speaking, before humans no longer have fingernails. Is that even something that would (or could) happen? Is it something that will happen?

It seems like the direction we’re heading in is toward a future with no fingernails. But that’s coming from someone with literally zero scientific background. 

I guess there are enough women who use their fingernails as fashion accessories that fingernails will go on forever and ever. If some women use their fingernails as fashion accessories and the women who are using their fingernails as fashion accessories are having children, those children will continue to receive the DNA encoded with the message “keep making fingernails, they are using them!”  

What about women who don’t accessorize with their nails? Will the human race splinter and become two separate species? One with fingernails and one without.  

They’ll be fucking wolverine-people!  

Oh my god. That gives me a badass thought.

There will be entire subspecies with various attributes like that. It will pave the way for a whole new form of mixed martial arts. Badass matchups between the best of the best of each individual subspecies. Wolverine people will fight fish people. Monkey people will fight crocodile people or some shit.

I don’t know. I gotta work out the kinks.

The point is, the human race will splinter and it will create all sorts of crazy variations in the gene pool and pave the way for a whole new era of MMA. Not only that, but the various subspecies could still interbreed! Razor-clawed wolverine people having kids with super-strength gorilla people. Ultra-climber monkey people having kids with flipper-fingered frog people.   

All these crazy awesome genetic variations.  

Fighting to the death.  

Gladiator style!  

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