A Slight Format Change for the Blog

I'm going to be taking a different approach with the blog. I'll be changing the format a bit.

For the last month and a half I've been posting (almost) daily blogs. The method I've been employing has been to literally draw words out of a bag. One day I took the time and wrote over 300 random words or phrases on a piece of paper, I cut em all into individual pieces, and I put them all into a sandwich bag. Each day, I would draw three random words from the bag and spend 20 minutes just doing sort of a stream-of-consciousness type of writing exercise on each word drawn, and doing zero editing or revising whatsoever. In effect, writing three blog posts per day. With hopes that this would average out to at least one blog-worthy excerpt per day. So far, it has panned out and has actually allowed me to consistently be about a week ahead of myself.


Spending an entire hour each day writing about three random topics - on top of all the other creative things I've got going on, plus working a full-time job and raising a family - has left me little time to elaborate on some of my favorite blog posts.

Of the 36 blog posts I've published in the last two months, about 1/3 of them have been absolute favorites. And I've been beating around the idea of starting a second blog where I take my top 10 favorite posts each month and re-write, edit, elaborate upon them. So I'd have a daily, sort of micro-blog and then a two-to-three times a week more elaborate blog.

Unfortunately, as I kind of illustrated, I don't have much time. I just don't know how I would be able to do what I'm already doing PLUS adding in this new thing. So here's what I'm gonna do instead...

I'll keep to just the one blog. No more daily posts. Every post I publish will be more elaborate and thought out. Some may take three days to write, some may take three weeks. I will be consistent in the fact that I will still be working on the blogs every single day. It'll just be that instead of rushing to make sure I'm posting a super-short, super-shallow blog every day, I'll be striving to actually put out content that is actually worth reading.

I'm going to start with the blogs I've already posted. I'll take all my favorites - all the ones I mentioned I'd like to elaborate upon - and do so. One at a time. And I'll go from there!

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