Parents & Teachers - Tools of Indoctrination

I heard on a podcast that the game Monopoly was actually created by communists as an attempt to teach kids about "the evils of capitalism."All of the ironies there are marvelous to me, though I have not fact-checked that information. I don't really care to. I heard somebody say it once, so it's clearly true. 

Funny how that works. One person says one thing one time and if we have no prior knowledge of the subject and what they're saying sounds halfway plausible we don't even question it. "Oh, yeah that makes sense!" You could literally live your entire life just holding onto dozens, hundreds, thousands of completely false and absurd assumptions because "well, I heard it from so-and-so..."

I think, whether inadvertently or by design, our school system has programmed us to think that way. Believe what you're told. Question nothing. And any old Average-Joe can be revered as an expert in a field by naive and impressionable mind. Just think, the first 18 years of your life (20+ if you have wealthy, loving parents) are spent in indoctrination of some form or another. And I'm not trying to get conspiratorial or anything... I'm just saying, What's the percentage of teachers who are teachers because they truly, honestly, passionately love teaching? 2%??? Hell, it's 2018. If you're really passionate about teaching and spreading knowledge, you have an infinitely bigger reach and infinitely more freedom if you take your teaching online. I'd say the vast majority of teachers are teachers because they were massive fucking failures at whatever subject they're teaching. These aren't experts in their field. Most of em aren't even smart people. The women are spinsters and crazy cat-ladies and then men are pedophiles and jocks who couldn't move on so they used their football scholarship to get a teaching degree so they could go back and teach basic algebra to 9th graders while they coach the football team. 

The point is, you spend the first five years of your life learning everything you know from your parents. No matter who they are. Who knows what kinda people they are. Your parents are your fucking gods for your first handful of years. They are your all-knowing deities, for better or for worse. And shit, statistically speaking... probably for the worse. You never know what you're gonna end up with when playing the lottery of which pair of degenerates is gonna shit you out. Then from 5 to at least 18 you throw in a few dozen spinsters, pedophiles, and washed-up jocks - these are the people who are shaping who you will become. You rely on these people as a source of all inspiration, knowledge, insight, and wisdom. You are fucking doomed. 

That's why the internet is such a powerful tool though. Throughout my entire time in high school, I probably did enough study on my own to earn at least one bachelor's degree - just through watching documentaries, reading Wikipedia articles, reading textbooks. Exploring my own interests and soaking up as much knowledge as I could. Meanwhile I failed most of my classes and literally wasn't even supposed to graduate. Thanks No Child Left Behind! And I graduated eight years ago. The generation of kids going to school right now have such a massive advantage over every other generation thus far, and it's fucking great! It's beautiful! It's the one thing that makes me most hopeful for the future. 

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