The Infinity Scale

Earth. The planet we live on. The rock we inhabit. So huge. So tiny. It's truly mind-blowing. Bigger than you could possibly imagine, yet the word "insignificant" doesn't even do justice for how infinitely tiny our planet is. 

That just got me thinking...

We are so tiny compared to the size of our planet. We aren't even close to being the largest creatures on this planet. There is an endless supply of planets out there, of endless shapes, types, and sizes. Any talk of extraterrestrial life that I've ever heard discussed hasn't even really taken this into account. Like the fact that, fuck... there could be people-like aliens out there that are as big as elephants. Bigger than elephants. As big as a fucking skyscraper. Hell, there could be some alien civilization out there somewhere on some unimaginably massive unknown planet where the fucking people are as big as our entire planet. How fucking massive would a spaceship be for people who are as big as earth? To them, we're less than ants. Fleas at best. To them we're just the fucking bacteria holding on for dear life to the side of this life-sized super-organism. 

All the life on Earth, that's what we are. Different types of bacteria, viruses, altogether making up the micro-biome of this super-organism that we call Earth. When people finally start to go out to other celestial bodies (Moon, Mars, etc.), it'll just be the same as when you have a cold and sneeze your germs onto somebody else, giving it to them. But on a slightly more massive scale. Earth is sick right now, it's got the sniffles. When it finally sneezes and expels legions of the virus known as human, the closest neighbors (our solar system) will be the first to become infected (just as your family is the first to contract your cold). 

What if it all always scales both up and down, simultaneously, infinitely?

Zoom all the way out - the Milky Way Galaxy is just one single bacteria in a sea of bacteria that we know as "the known universe," but that is actually just a series of bacteria within just one organ of some other organism. Hell, it could even be some sort of humanoid. The entire "universe" exists within the stomach, kidney, liver of some humanoid creature. 

Zoom all the way in - hidden within the smallest of the small microbes is an entire universe. Zoom in, in, in. What do you find? A "planet" that resembles what? Earth. A tiny, insignificant planet, teeming with life, lost amidst a seemingly endless array of planets and stars, all taking place within the smallest of microbes. 

Infinitely scales up.

Infinitely scales down. 

Resistance is futile. 

Life is beautiful. 

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